Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Katie's Really New Easter Dress

Remember this picture I showed a few weeks ago?

Katie's Easter dress from the TS. Week before last Kelsey wanted to go back to the mall in Fayetteville. She wanted the go to American Eagle and Charlotte Russe, and Aeropostale. She also wanted to look in the junior's department at Penneys. This time I had a coupon and while the girls were looking I told them I was going to walk across the isle to look at something. Katie followed me. I went to the rack where the Easter dress she had picked out was hanging. They still had her size and I told her I was going to get it for her. She was so sweet and told me no that she wanted to wear the one from the TS. And I told her I was buying her the new one anyway. Here's a pic of her new Easter dress.

The TS dress looks nice on her but I really like this one alot. Now if we can just get that stringy hair cut. I tried to curl it under but that didn't help too much. When she was younger she looked really cute with short hair but now that she is getting older short hair is not her thing. And the longer it gets the worse it looks.

Hope you have a great evening!



Heather said...

her new dress is very pretty! i like both of them. hopefully she can wear the blue one for something else :)

Carmen C. said...

AWWW...How sweet of you:) I do love that dress, very young lady- like!

wrcdgc said...

She looks great in both dresses! What a sweet young lady.


Country Acres Primitives said...

She looks great in the new dress! I think her hair looks cute too. I have that going on with my hair too, not quite curly, not straight. She looks very pretty! :)

The Whites said...

Both dresses are so cute. I really need to find a dress for Leah Kate - I can't believe Easter's almost here!