Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Freebie

This morning Jimmy had some errands to run. He had to get gas, go to the bank, and I asked him if he would run in Food Lion and pick up two things. We also decided he would go back to one of the thrift stores (Cookie's Closet) that was having a half price sale when we were in there two weeks ago. They had an old sewing machine bottom with just a wood top. We thought it would make a good display table for our booth at the Curious Cat. He comes back home and tells me that Cookie's wasn't having the half price sale anymore and they still had the table but it was marked sold. And he told me that he had gotten lost on the way home (from our house there is six turns to go to Cookie's and he always get mixed up on one of them coming back home). I told him that I started to tell him how to get home and he said I'm glad you didn't because I found the best thing on the side of the road and I wouldn't have found it if you had told me how to get home. So, he goes back outside and gets this

off the back of his truck. It's some kind of bench and it will look great in our booth. It does need a new board on the top and Jimmy thinks he has one to fix it. The table at Cookie's would have been $12.50 but this was FREE! I guess the Lord let him get lost so he could find the bench.

We also found these canisters

at a TS a few weeks ago. I had looked at them several different times and I would always say I wish I had gotten them. And here they are after a little work.....

We have been busy, busy, busy getting everything ready for our booth. It's so exciting. And I can hardly wait to see what it's going to look like.

I hope you have a great evening.



Heather said...

great finds! love what you did to the canisters!

Happily Ever After said...

Hi Susan,

Looks like the bench is made from barn wood. That will be neat for your booth.

Love the canisters. You did an exceptional job. I would have never know they were the same set.

I'm so anxious to hear about your booth. I just know you all are going to enjoy finding things, redoing them and then ultimately selling them.



Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Neat bench and canisters, I hope your booth is a great success:)

Carmen said...

Susan~you did an awesome job on those canisters, and that bench is great, ya sure can't beat free!

wrcdgc said...

Good luck with your booth. The canisters look great.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a great freebie! And the cannisters look awesome!

Back in the Day said...

The bench is AWESOME! What a great find! Love the canister makeover too!