Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls Night Out

Well, today has been a busy day. I had to go get groceries this morning (yuck - my least favorite job!). And then I had to go back over a few places on the trim in the bathroom. Then this afternoon and evening my girls and I had a night out. There is a shop I like to go to in Robbins called Homespun Collectibles. The shop owner, Jenny is having her Christmas Open House today and tomorrow. So, I just had to go check it out. She has this incentive when you buy $150.00 worth of merchandise you get $15.00 more in merchandise FREE. It's kind of a small shop and when we got there she was busy. So, I waited until I could talk to her and asked her how close to the $150.00 I was. She added it up and I had to buy $14.00 to get $15.00 free. Here's what I found.....

This cute snowman lamp was originally $24.95 and and was marked $10.00. And I also got these two hanging stars that I am hoping will look good in the bathroom, a picture to go in my kitchen,
and a star that holds a votive
candle. I got a Christmas gift, too that I better not show and a bag of candy for Kelsey and a little bear for Katie. After Jenny subtracted my free $15.00, my total was $30.00. I think I did pretty good.

Now, this last pic is what Jimmy found when he went out to feed the cats yesterday morning. Bam-Bam had a squirrel. I don't know if he killed it or if it was dead when he found it. But he was trying his best to get that squirrel to play with him. And when the other cats would go near him he would pick that squirrel up and run. They are so fun to watch.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Love My Girls!

Help! My daughters want a dog. We already have five cats (I'll explain in a minute) and a guinea pig. Two days ago my dear sweet sixteen year old decided to look at our Humane Society online. She just fell in love with a puppy named Clyde. He really is cute. So, Kelsey asked me if she and Katie could go today and look at the dog. I said, "Yes, you can go look (HUGE mistake!) but we are NOT getting a dog." After they left the phone rang and before I even saw Caller ID I knew who it was. Kelsey told me that Clyde had been adopted about 15 minutes before they got there. But guess what? Clyde has a brother that looks just like him. Anyway, I had to tell Kelsey NO again and she started crying. And she was crying when we hung up the phone. (Ugh! It's gonna be a long night.) Oh! I am such a horrible mother! But I just don't want anymore animals. Now back to the cats.....back sometime in January my girls found a cat in a brush pile in our next door neighbor's yard. They played with her for a while and later that night it started snowing a little. I looked out our back door and there was the cat. I had pitty on her and we gave her some milk. And she has been here every since. Well, in April she decided she wanted to have four kittens. So that's the story of Trixie, Peanut, Cali, Bam-Bam, and Lou Lou.

On another note, raggedy angel is having a giveaway. "Gracie" is so cute. So head on over and leave a comment.

I have been painting the trim in our bathroom today. I think I'm finally finished with it. Now Jimmy just has to roll the walls. Yesterday he told me that this will be a project he will remember for a loooooooooong time.

Well, I gotta go for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bathroom Pics

Finally! Dinner is done, dishes are done, and school work has been graded. Now I can sit down to write for a little while.

First of all, the bathroom project is coming along. In addition to being a preacher, Jimmy also works for Pepsi as the night warehouse manager. He leaves for work at 2:30pm Monday-Thursday and 12:30pm on Friday. And he doesn't get home until 1:00am. So, that means he really doesn't have much time during the day to paint. Anyway he started applying the primer today. Here's some pics from yesterday. They aren't very good as I was trying to avoid taking a picture of the mirror so I wouldn't be photographing myself. HaHa!

Jimmy decided he was going to do the trim work first. It is kind of a burgandyish color. He's hoping to finish with the painting Saturday. I'll post more pictures later.

And now for a little more about myself and my family...
We live in the little community of Cordova, which is just south of Rockingham. My in-laws live next door. My Daddy and step mother, Teresa (my Mama died from cancer in March 2003) live at the beach. Daddy called Sunday night to tell me that he and Teresa are going to be baptized this coming Sunday morning. I really feel like I need to go but I also don't like to miss our church. Decisions, decisions.....

Well, I think that's all I have for tonight and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First Post!

Well, I have been wanting to do this for a few months now. It's all new to me and I'm still learning. First of all, a little about me.....I live a VERY blessed life! I have a wonderful husband, Jimmy and two daughters, Kelsey and Katie.

This is Jimmy and me on his
5th anniversary at our church.

And this is from our October
vacation to Pennsylvania.
Kelsey is on the left and Katie
is on the right.

I am a stay at home mom and a preacher's wife. I love the Lord. I love to bake and I love the color pink. I love primitives and redecorating our house. I am not a crafty person at all but Jimmy is really good at putting things together. This week we (or I should say he) are in the process of painting our bathroom (trying to get it done before my family comes for Thanksgiving). We have lived here for a little over 6 years now. And when we moved in, our bathroom had a mauve and green floral print wallpaper and border. I guess it was pretty back when it was put up. But it is definitely not the primitive that I like. I hate that I don't have any before pictures. But I will be posting some during and after pictures soon. Well, it has taken me all afternoon and evening to write this since I had to stop so many times to do other things. But I finally finished my first post. And now I'm off to feed Amish Friendship Bread starter.

Many blessings,