Friday, April 10, 2009

Today Is My BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I started out writing this morning and I'm just now getting back to it. I guess the title should say "Today Was My Birthday". Anyway Katie went shopping for me and she spent some of HER birthday money on me! I told her that was so sweet of her and she made me wanna cry. Kelsey also bought me a present with her hard earned KFC money. Here's Katie's gift first.....

A Darius Rucker CD, a necklace that says "Faith", and a new wallet. I did tell her a while back that I wanted the CD for my birthday but the other two things she picked out by herself!

Kelsey's gift.......

The new Keith Urban CD. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Keith Urban!

Jimmy's gift......

He gave me a card and I thought that's all I was getting because I told him I wanted a new dress for Easter. When I walked into the kitchen he told me my gift was out by the grill. It's a weeping willow tree. I have so been wanting one!

And finally my SIL made this butterfly cake for me.

She makes the best cakes. Her chocolate cakes are my favorite and that's what I got. Notice my hair in the picture. When my Aunt was here for Katie's party she gave me money for my birthday. So, I went this afternoon and got my hair cut and highlighted.

I absolutely do NOT take good pictures. I love my new do and it feels soooo much better!

After I was done at the salon Katie and I went shopping for that new Easter dress I was wanting. Jimmy and Kelsey were both working so it was just me and my Katie Bug. We also ate supper at Smithfield's.

I was a little sad this m
orning. I miss my Mama everyday but I think the day I miss her most is my birthday! I did have a great day, though.



Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love your new hair cut! You look younger :)

Lauren said...

Happy birthday!! I hope it was wonderful:) Your new hair looks lovely too...very cute! Have a happy Easter as well!

Pam said...

Hope you had a happy birthday, Susan. Great gifts you got. Have a happy and blessed Easter.

Happily Ever After said...

Oh Susan, what a nice day you had. Happy Birthday!!! Your gifts were all so nice and special. I especially loved the butterfly cake. That made my mouth Your hair looks really pretty. That was a nice treat for you on your day. I still have my mom, but not my dad and I completely understand about that feeling of missing someone on special days.

I'm glad that you got your tree and you had such a special day.

May God Bless you and your family and your church service this special weekend. Happy Easter.


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Love the new do!!


hugs, Linda

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Happy Birthday, Susan! Sorry I'm late...didn't read your post until this morning. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Carmen C. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!!!!I love the new hairdo and that cake.... oh my.....I LOVE butterflys AND CAKE, LOL! Awesome gifts you got, I like Keith Urban too!Sounds like you had a lovely day:) Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter as well!

Country Acres Primitives said...

Happy Birthday to Susan!!!!! Great gifts and you look great, I lvoe the new do! I'm sorry about missing your mom. Hugs, to you :)

Raggedy Angel said...

Have a very blessed and wonderful day!!!! Beth

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you got a lot of nice gifts and it's obvious that your family adores you! What could be better, right?

Retha said...


Happy Birthday!!! I didn't know Hootie had a new CD, so let me know if it's any good or not.

The cake looks yummy and your new do looks wonderful.

Let me know when your ready fr our next road trip, I have the next 2 weeks off before classes start again.

Happy Easter!

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hapy Birthday ,Susan !! You are beautiful & you have a beautiful family !!
Happy Easter
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Happy birhtday is my youngest son's birthday too!
What great gifts you the tree too!

Artsy Fartsy said...

HAPPY belated Birthday!!! You hair looks great!! What a great surprise you had from everyone!! Take Care, Janna