Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I honestly didn't mean for a week to go by since my last post. Hope you had a good Valentine's day. A group of us from our church went out to eat at The Mayflower in Cheraw. We had a fun time and of course we enjoyed the good food.

That morning we went to Marshville to Olde Tyme Marketplace. Beth is so sweet and I love talking to her. She has the neatest shop. When we got there and got out of the van Jimmy just happened to see the words "Thrift Shop" painted on the building next door. We just had to go check it out. They had bin after bin of quarter items. And I went over to the housewares section and look what I found....

Can you see the Marmalade symbol on them? I'm tellin' was another sign. They were $2.00 for the set. The smallest one is missing the lid but that's okay. Jimmy painted them and I slapped the labels on. And now look.....

On the way to Beth's shop we stopped at a TS in Wadesboro. They really didn't have much but their household stuff was 75% off. We found these candleholders that are red trimmed in gold.

I think they were like $1.50 for the pair.
And after....

Last Wednesday Char posted a tutorial on making a candle tray. It sounded easy so I thought I would give it a try. And I did it!

Now I have to decide what color I want it. Decisions, decisions.

Head on over to Leslie's to see what everyone else is working on.

Hope you have a great day!



primitive basketcase said...

I love how your canisters came out. They look so good on the wood so I'm on the lookout for something besides my jars. Have a wonderful week.

Debbie J. said...

I love the way you transformed your thrift shop finds. I remember that marmalade pattern. I sometimes see it in thrift stores. Good Job!

Lisa said...

Your canisters look GREAT. Don't you just love those labels? They just add so much to a jar, a box, a bucket or anything that needs a little something prim. You definitely found some great deals!!

Lauren said...

Cute projects:) The before of those mom has the entire set of that marmalade pattern. And I mean the ENTIRE set! She doesn't decorate so country anymore (to main gain...I've inherited lots of old furniture to prim up!) but she uses those dishes every single day! She says she still loves it...but I like how you fixed them better haha:)

Leslie said...

The make-overs are great! Love them!

I think blog-land has been a little slow this week...lots of us haven't been posting much. I sure feel like I'm in a slump today and I hope it ENDS!

Have a great night :)


UPON A HILL said...

You did a great job on the cannister and you found some great bargains!

Lisa said...

your stuff looks great. The TS around here are expensive.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The cannisters turned out just wonderful and I love how the candleholders came out too:)
have a great evening.

Back in the Day said...

I love that thrift store near Beths place! Great finds there! I stop there when I go to Beths store too! What great finds you picked up! I haven't been to the TS in Wadesboro though! I will have to give that one a shot!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Love your before and afters. My fried Beth over at Olde Tyme Marketplace speaks very highly of you both, she says that ya'll are a hoot!! Keep showing the before and afters they are great,
Many Blessings, Janna

Tammy said...

I think everything looks great. Love the canister set. You did good girl..

Kath said...

Hi Susan!
I love how your canisters turned out! Your labels look perfect on them ;)
All your 're-dos' turned out great!
Ya did good on that candle tray too-can't wait to see it all primmed up...

Enjoy your day-Kath

Gen said...

love your canisters

Sharon/primthyme said...

That is awsesome !! Looks great !!!
Prim hugs & blessings,

Raggedy Angel said...

Great finds!!! All us Carolina Girls are gonna have to have a get together somewhere....would that be fun or what? Beth

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Wow, everything looks great! And it's nice that your hubby likes to go shopping with you. Mine hates to shop!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

They turned out great! Tell Jimmy if he ever needs another job to come on down to the shop! You got that man a roll! Nothing is safe from black paint now...don't stand still too thing ya know you could be the victim of a drive by painting and distressing!! LOL!
Can't wait to see you all again!