Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Birthday and A Living Room Redo

Today is my nephew's 18th birthday. Oh, it is so hard to believe. It seems like yesterday we got the phone call that my sister was in labor. She lives two hours away and by the time we got there Robert Tyler Richards was born. Happy Birthday, Tyler.

And now, on to our redo. Our living room has yellow walls with white trim. The curtains are navy tab top panels. A few weeks ago Jimmy made the comment that our living room isn't prim. He thought maybe we should paint it. Well if you remember not long before Thanksgiving we decided to paint our bathroom. Remembering that, I didn't like the thought of painting the living room. So we decided if we got new curtains and rearranged maybe that would help. And guess what we did Saturday? All day Saturday!

This is before. I was mainly trying to get the curtains in this pic.

And after...

I am hoping that we can find some shutters to go in the windows on the sides and leave the middle window open.

Well, what do you think?

I hope you have a great evening.


Happily Ever After said...

Hey Susan,

I really love the yellow. It looks good! You did a great job. This is just a thought - what would think of getting a sponge shaped heart or star or what you like and lightly dip in paint and stencil up close to the crown molding in a color that would fit in the room. You did a good job. I love that weave bottom chair that you have. My grandparents had those and they "walked" off, if you know what I mean. I've been looking for chairs like that, but in my area they are so hard to find. I'm going to look back at your archived blog to see your bathroom.
Congrats on the new look. It's always nice to change a few things around. It's amazing how new curtains and rearranging furniture can make such a difference.

Keep happy,

wrcdgc said...

It looks really good. I love the curtain toppers. I see a lot of people doing like a cafe curtain with just a off white bottom and the topper. I like the shutter idea. I think the curtain and moving around furniture would be a lot more fun than painting.


country gal said...

That looks great!

Love, Joy =D

Back in the Day said...

Love the new curtains! They look great! The color and the style seem to make your room look lighter and larger. Love the yellow. I would incorporate more of the colors from you curtains as a second color.

Country Acres Primitives said...

I like it! The curtain change made a big difference. The shutters would be awesome too, I hope you find some and post the pics!

candlemamma said...

This is my first visit here and I must say your work is just wonderful. I am not much of a yellow fan but it looks great and love the curtains. Thanks for posting your lovely pictures for all to see. Warm wishes!