Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe We're Doing a Pretty Good Job of Raising Our Girls

I have a little something that I want to share with you. Every year at Christmas I take our girls shopping for one another. They usually buy one thing for each other. They also get a few presents from me and Jimmy. And then they get their things from Santa. About a month ago I took Katie for her to get Kelsey's gift and then a few days later I took Kelsey. Well, now that Kelsey is working she wanted to buy Katie something with her own money. So, Jimmy went with her Monday morning and she picked out three things for her little sis. I thought that was so sweet! Kelsey got a car on September 3rd (the date she was due to come into this world) and she turned 16 on the 13th. Jimmy decided he needed a truck and bought one at the same time (he really did need a new vehicle). So, that means 3 car payments and a ridiculous insurance bill. Also, we went on vacation to Pennsylvania back in October (I'll tell you all about that wonderful trip another day). So, we told the girls we weren't going to have a big Christmas. Jimmy and I decided that we wouldn't get things for ourselves just for the girls. Then he said well, we can do stockings for us. Then I took the girls shopping for one present for him and he took them to get one for me. One day last week the girls went out for a little while. When they called to tell me they were on the way home Katie told me to go down in the den so they could bring in mine and Jimmy's present. Kelsey bought us a present at the Hallmark store from the both of them.

Oh! I wonder what it it! I just love surprises!
Being that our girls are homeschooled and except for Kelsey working they are for the most part with me all day, every day. I have tried to teach them right from wrong and it just makes me so proud that instead of Kelsey spending her money on herself she decided to buy for her
family. And just the other day Katie and I went to KFC to see her and to get some popcorn chicken and one of the supervisors told me what a sweet girl Kelsey is (I wondered if she was talking about the same Kelsey I know...nah she is a good girl). So, I guess Jimmy and I aren't doing as bad of a job raising our girls as I thought.

On another note, I did start reading The Christmas Shoes today. But I didn't even make it through the first chapter before I fell asleep. UGH!

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful evening.


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Linda said...

Thanks so much for your kinds words! They are truly appreciated today.