Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls Night Out

Well, today has been a busy day. I had to go get groceries this morning (yuck - my least favorite job!). And then I had to go back over a few places on the trim in the bathroom. Then this afternoon and evening my girls and I had a night out. There is a shop I like to go to in Robbins called Homespun Collectibles. The shop owner, Jenny is having her Christmas Open House today and tomorrow. So, I just had to go check it out. She has this incentive when you buy $150.00 worth of merchandise you get $15.00 more in merchandise FREE. It's kind of a small shop and when we got there she was busy. So, I waited until I could talk to her and asked her how close to the $150.00 I was. She added it up and I had to buy $14.00 to get $15.00 free. Here's what I found.....

This cute snowman lamp was originally $24.95 and and was marked $10.00. And I also got these two hanging stars that I am hoping will look good in the bathroom, a picture to go in my kitchen,
and a star that holds a votive
candle. I got a Christmas gift, too that I better not show and a bag of candy for Kelsey and a little bear for Katie. After Jenny subtracted my free $15.00, my total was $30.00. I think I did pretty good.

Now, this last pic is what Jimmy found when he went out to feed the cats yesterday morning. Bam-Bam had a squirrel. I don't know if he killed it or if it was dead when he found it. But he was trying his best to get that squirrel to play with him. And when the other cats would go near him he would pick that squirrel up and run. They are so fun to watch.